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Theme of research

- Mapping the anthropization of landscapes

- Highlighting the impacts of anthropization on landscapes and biodiversity: (1) at local spatial scale and present time (landscape ecology); (2) at regional scale and historical time (bio-history) ; (3) at large spatial scale (macroecology)

- Understanding how conservation biology works (what tools are working? what are the main areas of interest in conservation biology? is there a gap between threats on biodiversity and conservation measures? etc.)



Biogeography; Conservation; Landscapes; Littoral; Birds; Benthic fauna


Biological models

Bird communities: passerines and waders

Benthic marine invertebrates: especially reef-building polychaetes


Spatial models

Coastal wetlands


Coastal salinas

Intertidal ecosystems


Main study sites

English Channel, Normand-Breton Gulf (especially: Bay of the Mont Saint-Michel, Chausey archipelago)

Marais Poitevin, France (the 2nd largest wetland of France)


Salinas of Western Europe (especially the Guérande-Mès salinas)




















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